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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Israel Military - Air Force

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  • I can identify F15s, F16s, F4s, C130 and kfir's (I'm not sure about this one) for the planes. Is the one with a shark's painting a MIG 21? And is the other one a harrier? Correct me if I'm wrong, but why isn't there a pic of F18? Don't they have any?

    The Hellicopters are AH64 (D?) and chinok transporters. In a battle scenario an AH64 Apache can easily bring an Iranian AH-1 Cobra down... But I can't imagine how an Israeli AH-64 can make it all the way to Iran!

    The Iranian Mig29s and especially F14s shoud be able to fair comparatively against F15s and F16s. F14 is a superior war machine, but it's much harder to control for the pilot because of it's older control systems. (F18 is basically a cheaper and easier controlled F14 replacement developed for Navy applications, not necessarily a better machine if the F14 pilot is experienced and agile and IF the F14 is in good conditions. F15 is almost the same as F18 developed for US air force as a replacement for F4s. Again it shouldn't be vastly superior agains an F14 or a MIG29. It has never been tried against an F14. F16 is basically a much lighter f-15 with a single engine).

    This all said, it doesn't mean that in an imaginary combat scenario of a dosen Israeli planes in Iran's air space, Iran's F14s and Mig2s will catch them all, but they can give them a really hard time. Especially considering that they will be accompanied by local surface-to-air air defence missiles.

    The three pictures of the UAVs are nice, they seem more advanced than the Iranian UAVs. The Iranian ones were Ababil and mersad 1, which are not particularly fast UAVs. They're small, single engine, at most 100Kg payload models. Israeli models shown here seem to be stronger and faster.
    Again electronics is what that really counts here.

    I'd say if Iran works really hard on their military technology, and Israel and USA don't work that hard (which I guess probably would be the case, since there is no more REAL arms race these days compared to the cold war era), they can catch up with their military technology in 12~15 years.

    This means that if there is a fight from now up to 10 years from now, Iran will lose in conventional battle, although not without giving its foes a really hard fight. On the other hand, if we don't have a war in 8~10 years, our military technology (potentially) can advance to a level that an aggressor would stop automatically assuming they will win easily.

    Also don't forget that major factor in modern battles IS electronics. If your missile is advance enough to track its target from a 300 Km distance, and it really locks on it (hint: electronics!), then it doesn't matter if it's being deployed from an F4 or even an AN-140, targetting an F22 or F18.

    Thus I believe Iranian arms industry has chosen the correct path of development: missile technology.

    This all said, I am strongly convinced that there won't be an attack against Iran!

    Just my 2 cents! ;) Good job man!

    By Anonymous Reza - from USA, at 1:09 AM  

  • I find it ironic that most of the hardware was of U.S. origin. U.S. Defence companies must hate the fact that Bush has identified Iran as part of his "axis of evil".

    As an Australian living under Prime Minister John Howard's mirror image of the "U.S. Down-Under" - I can certainly say Iran has every right to nuclear technology to produce power. This debate has more to do with Bush's (and his cronies like Rice) own financial losses if the world turns away from fossil fuels. Iran shouldn't back down on this, just like Australia won't back down if we turned to nuclear energy for power.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:23 PM  

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  • More US equipment. HAHAHAHA. Everytime I see their military it reminds me of a toddler who's learning to ride his bike.

    Israel is nothing without US.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:58 PM  

  • Heck of an air force for such a tiny nation. 352 attack jets seems excessive, but with its $2.5 billion dollars in free military equipment courtesy of the USA taxpayer, its not surprising that they would have a large inventory.
    Back during the Shah, the USA saw fit to give $30 billion dollars worth of weapons to Iran (1960's dollars!).
    We have earned our reputation as the world's weapons proliferator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 PM  

  • This Air Force without U.S.A is nothing, Hezbulah defited them so one day enugh for grate Iranian army to destroy them.
    It is fact be sureeeee.
    By: REZA and ABDI

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:40 AM  

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  • I don't think any of you realize how secret Israeli military technology is. Nor do you realize that the US is not paying Israel to be nice, Israel has developed some of our most advanced weapons technology (the US). Only uneducated idiots think Israel depends on our lousy 3 billion a year. China would be more than happy to pay twice that for Israel's top notch technology. As a matter of fact, Israel had to cancel an arms deal with China per US pressure. Israel keeps their technology VERY top secret, I suggest you read some REAL info, like this article for example

    Israel is the size of New Jersey and produces the most advanced technology in the world. They have more tech companies on the Nasdaq than any other nation outside the US. The last time Iran attacked Israel (with 7 other countries), Israel demolished them. Mind you that the other countries had tons of Russian technology and oil money. Israel's advantage is its technological superiority and ability to mobilize a huge well trained force in hours. Countries who do public military tests (like Iran) do so to try to show the world they have power. Countries like Israel keep a low key, everything is top secret. Israel could wipe Iran off the face of the map in hours. In the beginning the US was helping Israel, but at this point Israel is self sufficient and on its own could survive on technology sales alone.

    I advise you to check out that site, Israel develops a lot of technology that is non-military and is changing the world. Israel is a secular state, they just want to survive, they have no interest in "Holy Wars" or "72 virgins." They have not threatened to wipe countries off the face of the map. Israel has a population of 6 million, only about 5 million Jews, Arabia has hundreds of millions. Arabia has trillians in US and other countries' oil money. Israel simply has a superior technological industry and military. When the US chose to play war games they picked Israel as their opponent and Israel won. This is not bias, this is research, "i'm tired of my tax dollars going to Israel" is an old and ignorant argument. China would be all too happy to double the price if the US wanted to cut Israel off. Read some articles about this stuff, it is not secret.

    By Blogger My friend A., at 4:38 AM  

  • Oh, I missed that other comment, "Hezbolah defeated them?" Are you nuts? Hezbolah locked civilians in buildings and launched primitive rockets at Israel's defense net. Israel's defense net responded and destroyed every target of origin within two minutes. Israel turned Lebanon into a parking lot in days (and they were showing extreme restraint). If Israel wanted to they could wipe the entire network out. Just because a few Hezbolah gorilla fighters survived does not mean they won. Hezbolah caused Lebanon to be turned into ruins and the Lebanese people are NOT happy about it, ask them! Hezbolah is nothing but a bunch of suicide bombers with primitive WW2 rockets. It is easy to proclaim you won a war but that doesn't mean you won a war. I see a defeated Hezbolah, Lebanon in ruins and Israel back to full force. The only war Hezbolah won was the political one by using innocent Lebanese civilians as pawns in their game. Israel BARELY responded to the stupid rocket attacks and I don't see Hezbolah's flag in Jerusalem! Not to mention Israel has a Katusha defense net now, high energy chemical laser weapon that tracks the primitive rockets with radar and fries them in the air. I know you people would love to see a second holocaust (like Iran's president), but Israel will not allow it to happen. Israel has first, second and third strike capabilities. Iran knows that today, tomorrow or at any point as we know it that they would be defeated utterly. The first time Iran attacked Israel, Israel destroyed their entire airforce before it even left the ground. Hezbolah was a distraction so Iran could continue their nuclear program against UN's protests. Israel has the capability to completely take out their nuke program with all unmanned missiles and jets if need be. The only thing Hezbolah accomplished was turning Lebanon into a pile of rubble, what a victory. One does not win a war by simply not completely dying. Cowards who hide in holes in the ground and use humans as shields win nothing. If the mortality of Israel had been at stake, Israel would have used REAL force and completely taken out Hezbolah. Mind you that this group uses US oil money (paid to them by Iran) to win the hearts and minds of the poor and unfortunate people of Lebanon. I have no idea what these photo's are supposed to show but why don't you check out

    By Blogger My friend A., at 4:51 AM  

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